R.O.D. 1 I-O/AC Fansub

Fairly good; just some minor suggestions:
min.secI-O/AC translation my dictationmy translation
3.17 I'm not busy, Sensei. あ、全然 (ぜんぜん) 暇です。 I'm not busy at all.
12.08 stole 600 kikou books from there, and disappeared. 彼はそこで稀覯本 (きこうぼん) 約 600冊を奪って姿を消したのです。 stole 600 rare books from there, and disappeared.
12.53 One year ago, that I-jin's cell sample was stolen from World Bio Engineering Lab. 一年前、世界優生遺伝子保存局から偉人 (いじん) の細胞サンプルが奪われました。 One year ago, cell samples of Great Men were stolen from World Eugenic Gene Preservation Bureau.
13.38 The Second Volume is in the southeast. 盗難 (とうなん) 本には下巻が含まれています。 The Second Volume is included in the stolen books.
13.55 Section A Library, using the Special Force, plans to get back those kikou books. 大英図書館特殊工作部による稀覯本奪回作戦を開始いたします。 British Library Special Force starts the operation to get back those rare books.
14.06 I have a third class teaching job next week... あたし、来週から産休教師のお仕事が…… My job as the deputy of a teacher on maternity leave starts next week...
14.50 I will hear as many excuses as you want. ごまかしはいくらでも利く。 There are various ways to cover up.
17.08 It's Arnim's "Versammlung." アルニムの『エアツェールンゲン』。 (My bet is the voice actress for Yomiko misread "ツ" as "シ".) It's Arnim's "Erzaehlungen."
17.28 The Gesta Hammenburgenaia is here. ギュスターヴ・フロベールが無造作 (むぞうさ) に。 Gustave Flaubert is placed here so casually.
21.29 You guys are too weak for me. 下世話 (げせわ) なもので飛んでるな。 You guys are flying something vulgar.
22.04 It's impossible to win if they're fighting over water. 通常の戦いじゃ無理よ。 It's impossible to win if they're fighting normally.
23.41 This is just the beginning. こんな任務 (にんむ) 初めて。 I have never experienced such a mission.
24.13 We did take off, but... 墜落 (ついらく) かと思ったけど…… I almost thought we would crash...
25.02 I can't believe I'll have to use this to fly. Annoying pests. こんなもので空を飛ぶなど、厚かましい、おこがましいわ。 How shameless and impudent you are to fly with such a thing.

YASUDA Hideyuki
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