R.O.D. 2 I-O/AC Fansub

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0.56 I told you about him, but we don't know who he is right now. 照会 (しょうかい) していますが、まだ特定はできません。 We are inquiring, but we don't know who he is right now.
1.09 Contact the dealer, Jahal and find out the nationality of the I-jin. 販売業者ジャハーンに接触して、偉人の痕跡 (こんせき) を調査して下さい。 Contact the dealer, Jahan and investigate the traces of the Great Men.
6.43 If I didn't have duty, I could've bought a sally for Maggie. 任務がなきゃあ、マギーにサリーでも買って帰れるんだがな。 If I didn't have duty, I could buy a sari (or saree) for Maggie (as a sourvenir).
10.26 For that I came here today, and I still want it! かつては (きょう) を求めてこの地に来た我だが、今求めるのはそれのみよ! At one time I came here (India) in search of the Buddhist Scriptures, but what I want now is just that book!
10.46 Just give me the book now! ゆるりと成仏 (じょうぶつ) いたせ! Rest peacefully!
24.34 All over Britain and North America... There is a big electric wave coming... 全米 (ぜんべい) 主要軍事基地、すべてに (かい) 電波が入っています。 All the major U.S. military bases are receiving a mysterious radio wave.
25.11 I'm the one with the bamboo ladle. こいつらの策士 (さくし) をやってる。 I'm the tactician of these guys.
25.13 Our people's future holds nothing but battles. 俺らの時代は飢饉 (ききん) (いくさ) だでずいぶん人が死んでたが、 In our time, many people died of famines and battles,
25.27 This world... There are too many useless people interfering with our plans. 世の中ってのはなあ、結構少ねえ (= 少ない) 人間で回せるもんだ。 そいつらが俺たちくらい優秀ならなあ。 This world, you know, can be managed with fairly few people... if they are as superior as us.
25.36 From now... 今よりずっと完全な世界ができる。 A world much more perfect than the world now will be created.
25.50 New weapons take too long to make. 細菌 (さいきん) 兵器は後始末 (あとしまつ ) が大変だ。 Bacteriological (= biological) weapons are too troublesome to clear up.
26.04 I'll tell you even if you don't want to. そのうち嫌でもわかる。 You'll know even if you don't want to (by actually experiencing it).
26.09 Nancy Makuhari was in the hospital, and now she's dead! ナンシー幕張は大学在学中 (ざいがくちゅう) に死亡してます! Nancy Makuhari died while she was in college!

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