Using bogofilter from wanderlust

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This page was made to introduce bogofilter.el, a wanderlust interface to bogofilter.

You will probably be better off using wl-spam.el included in the latest unreleased version of wanderlust, but let me introduce both of them.


I have tested it only on wanderlust 2.11.32, but 2.11.20 or later seems to include it. Download it from CVS or snapshot. If you are using Debian unstable, wl-beta should work.

Use this to spam-check and mark all new mails upon entering specified folders (all the POP folders in this case):

(require 'wl-spam)
(setq elmo-spam-scheme 'bogofilter
      wl-spam-auto-check-folder-regexp-list '("\\&"))

Add this to enable automatic check also for I (wl-summary-incorporate) in the Summary buffer:

(add-hook 'wl-summary-sync-updated-hook #'wl-summary-auto-check-spam)


A wanderlust interface to bogofilter based on spamfilter.el/spamfilter-wl.el.

Just like spamfilter-wl.el, spams are marked +spam by C-o (wl-summary-auto-refile) in the Summary buffer.

Last modified: Fri Oct 15 22:14:38 JST 2004